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Architecture, Curation, Design, Film making, Illustration, Photography

5-14-13 Higashiogu, Arakawa-Ku, 116-0012 Tokyo, Japan
116-0012 東京都荒川区東尾久 5-14-13 +

Current exhibition

Karine Fauchard + Lazar Lyutakov

“Extolling the Virtues of Peach Blossoms over Pine Needles »


Saturday, June 10th 5 pm

June 10th 15:00-21:00
June 11th 13:00-19:00
June 12+13 by appointment


Karine Fauchard + Lazar Lyutakov

“Extolling the Virtues of Peach Blossoms over Pine Needles »


Japanese follows English / 日本語の情報は下にあります

An episode of the illustrated biography of Prince Shotoku by Hata no Chitei, exhibited at the The Gallery of Horyuji Treasures, tells the story of the young prince being asked by his father which he likes better, peach blossoms or pine needles. Shotoku answered that he preferred needles: “Because the beauty of peach blossoms is only temporary, but pine needles remain fresh and green for a hundred years”. How do we arrange and compare objects, images or experiences in a world of overproduction, where the alternative has been turned into business? What does the ephemeral means now, when sustainability belongs to the mainstream?

― Karine Fauchard / Lazar Lyutakov

This exhibition marks the 5th collaboration of Karine Fauchard and Lazar Lyutakov and consists of two parts. The first part, „Extolling the Virtues of Pine Needles over Peach Blossoms » opened on May 19th 2023 in monade contemporary, 単子現代, Kyoto.


Karine Fauchard

Karine Fauchard was born 1976 in Meudon la forêt (FR), she studied at Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris (1998–2004). Her works have been presented in Austria and internationally, including the Punta Gallery Sofia (2022), New Jörg Vienna (2021), Gnomons Non-Objective Sud (NOS), Tulette, France (2017), 6th Moscow Biennale for Contemporary Art (special project, 2015), Fotohof Salzburg (2011), Daejeon Museum South Korea (2010). She has received numerous awards such as the Austrian State Scholarship for Fine Arts, 1st prize Erste Bank MehrWERT-Artprize or Prix de gravure, ENSBA. Since 2007 she is co-directing the exhibition space Baba Vasa’s Cellar in Bulgaria together with Lazar Lyutakov.

Lazar Lyutakov

Lazar Lyutakov was born in 1977 in Shabla, Bulgaria. He studied at the National Art Academy in Sofia und graduated at the Academy of fine Arts Vienna in 2005. His works were included in the the 58th International Art Exhibition of La Biennale di Venezia, where he and Rada Boukova represented Bulgaria (2019), the 6th Moscow Biennale (special project, 2015) and the 1st Vienna Biennale in MAK – Austrian Museum of Applied & Contemporary Arts, Vienna (2015). He participated in numerous exhibitions worldwide and has held solo exhibitions among others at Secession Vienna (upcoming June 2023), Gallery Charim Vienna (2022), Georg Kargl Permanent (2015), MAK Vienna (2011) and One night stand gallery in Sofia (2017).


カリーヌ・フォシャール + ラザール・リュタコフ


„Extolling the Virtues of Peach Blossoms over Pine Needles » 





6月10日(土)15時 – 21時 
6月11日(日)13時 – 19時 
6月12・13日(月・火) (予約制)




本展は、カリーヌ・フォシャールとラザール・リュタコフの5度目となるコラボレーションで、2部構成となっている。第1部は5月19日から京都のギャラリーmonade contemporary | 単子現代で開催された。

カリーヌ・フォシャール(Karine Fauchard)

カリーヌ・フォシャールは1976年、ムードン=ラ=フォレ(フランス)生まれ。パリの国立高等美術学校に学ぶ(1998~2004)。Punta Gallery Sofia(2022)、New Jörg Vienna(2021)、Gnomons Non-Objective Sud (NOS) 、Tulette, France (2017)、第6回モスクワ現代美術ビエンナーレ(特別企画、2015)、Fotohof Salzburg(2011)、Daejeon Museum South Ko-rea (2010)などオーストリ アをはじめ世界各地で作品を発表。オーストリア政府芸術奨学金、Erste Bank MehrWERT-Artprize 第1位、ENSBA Prix de gravureなど受賞多数。2007年より、ラザール・リュタコフとともに、ブルガリアの展示スペースBaba Vasa’s Cellarのディレクターを務める。 

ラザール・リュタコフ (Lazar Lyutakov)

ラザール・リュタコフは1977年、シャブラ(ブルガリア)生まれ。ソフィアの国立芸術アカデミーで学び、2005年にウィーン美術アカデミーを卒業。ラダ・ブコヴァとともにブルガリア代表として参加した第58回ヴェネチア・ビエンナーレ国際美術展(2019)、第6回モスクワ・ビエンナーレ(特別企画、2015)、オーストリア応用美術博物館 MAK(ウィーン)の第1回ウィーンビエンナーレ(2015)で作品を発表。世界各地で多くの展覧会に参加し、Secession Vienna(2023年6月予定)、Gallery Charim Vienna(2022年)、Georg Kargl Permanent(2015)、MAK Vienna(2011)、ソフィアのOne night stand gallery(2017)で個展を開催している。


Studio GROSS / スタジオグロス 建築事務所・ギャラリー Office/Gallery
Architecture, Curation, Design, Film making, Illustration, Photography

5-14-13 Higashiogu, Arakawa-Ku, 116-0012 Tokyo, Japan
116-0012 東京都荒川区東尾久 5-14-13 +

Understanding Urban Consequences

2019 City Walk Tokyo with Michael Müller, Mayor of Berlin, Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Tokyo
2019 Interview with DAAD – German
2019 City Walk Tokyo with the Building Committee of the German Federal Parliament, Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Tokyo
2019 Won Tokyo Start-Up Challenge, supported by Tokyo Institute of Technology Fund for Research and Innovation
2019 Won Merit Prize, The 46th Nisshin Kogyo Architectural Design Competition ‚自然の上に暮らす‘
2019 Finalist Transfer Architecture Video Awards, Zurich, Switzerland – with 「Yoshino Cedar House」  
2019 Video Series Production and Direction for the Canadian Center for Architecture with c/o Tokyo, Kayoko Ota

2020 Published in Shinkenchiku 新建築 2020年1月号 – featured 46th Nisshin Kogyo Architectural Design Competition
2020 Collaborating Supervisors at EVER AFTER Workshop, Tokyo University of the Arts (PIA lab + Ishinomaki Laboratory) + Exhibition at DesignArt Tokyo 2020
2020 Exhibition and Talk Event at OGU MAG Gallery, Tokyo 「クリーニングデイ=モノと対話する日」
2020 Exhibition of Finalists Transfer Video Award 2019, ‚Ville, Architecture, Payasage au cinéma‘ MCBA, Lausanne, Switzerland
2020 Guest Lecture at IUBH International University of Applied Sciences, Hannover, German

2021 Guest Lecture at Bauhaus University, Weimar, Germany
2021 Finished Koizumi Building 「小泉ビル」Facade Renovation, Tokyo, Japan
2021 Finished 「OGUMAG +」 Renovation Project with a Gallery, Cafe, Atelier and Residence
2021 Lecturer for the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Scrivener Association 「空き家の利活用セミナー」
2021 Lecturer at Goethe-Institut Tokio + City Walk
2021 Guest Lecture at University of Tsukuba, World Heritage Studies, 「Global Learning: Heritage, Creativity and Art」
2021 Exhibition and Talk Event at OGU MAG Gallery, Tokyo 「OGU MAG+ みんなの活動 6/17(木)-6/27(日)」
2021 Published in 商店建築10月号 – featured 「OGU MAG +」
2021 Co-Teaching at HTWK Leipzig, Entwerfen + Baukonstruktion, Prof. Anthusa Löffler, Community and Material Research center
2021 Shortlisted at the Transfer Architecture Video Award, Zurich, Switzerland – with 「A Story of A House」
2021 Video screening premiere of 「A Story of A House」at OGU MAG+ Farm
2021 Models Talk CCA video series – Release event + conversation (Giovanna Borasi, Kayoko Ota, Studio Gross, Kumiko Inui, Kazuko Akamatsu, Erika Nakagawa)
2021 Models Talk CCA video series – Dezeen feature
2021 Guest Lecture at Fukushima University 「空き家ー都市資源」
2021 Won Merit Prize, The 48th Nisshin Kogyo Architectural Design Competition ‚人間の家‘ 日新工業建築設計競技 (佳作)

2022 Published in Shinkenchiku 新建築 2022年1月号 – featured 48th Nisshin Kogyo Architectural Design Competition
2022 Published at architechturephoto – featured 「OGU MAG+」
2022 University of Tsukuba – World Heritage Workshop – 昭和の遺産を分析し再構築 – 筑波大学 世界遺産調査
2022 werk, bauen + wohnen, CH, 06/2022 – ‘Mehr <ma> bitte! – Leerstand und Revitalisierung in Tokio’
2022 Finished first phase Moritaya Sake-shop 「モリタヤ」 酒店 東京 改修
2022 Published at Fundacion Arquia – featured Films: OGU MAG+, Kazuya Morita, Go Hasegawa, Kazuyo Sejima, Akiya, Atelier Bow-Wow
2022 Published at New Gens – featured Studio GROSS
2022 Published Film: 「Szenen eines Hauses – Ein zeitgenössisches Portrait des Senshintei」 – ある家の風景 現代に生きる「洗心亭」の姿
2022 Guest Lecture at University of Tsukuba, World Heritage Studies, 「Global Learning: Heritage, Creativity and Art」
2022 Guest Critic at HTWK Leipzig, Entwerfen + Baukonstruktion, Prof. Anthusa Löffler, Media and Health center
2022 Published in Shinkenchiku 新建築 2022年8月号 – featured 「OGU MAG+」
2022 Published in buildingsomethingoffbeat – featured 「小泉ビル」
2022 Finished 「KOWORK」 Renovation Project – After school activity 柏市 改修
2022 Part time lecturer at Musashino Art University – Tokyo, Japan
2022 Part time lecturer at Tokyo Denki University – Tokyo, Japan


Curated Exhibitions and Studio Events

2019 SEP 「Opening Studio GROSS」 with Irene Yamaguchi
2019 OCT 「Residential + Studio Building Berlin」 ifau + Heide & von Beckerath, PHOTOGRAPHY: Andrew Alberts
2019 NOV 「One footstep, touching the ground」 Guillaume Barborini, Co-Curated by Masamichi Tamura (artport/ Echangeur22)
2019 DEC 「忘年会」Neighbourhood Event
2020 JUL  「Life PaintingーAndrea Terceros」+ 「domestic island」with Andrea Terceros, Eirdis, DJ: Lucia Filippini, Aske Albertus, IG live with Tokyo Weekender
2020 AUG 「Chuhwui Pop-Up Shop」Local Jewelleries
2020 AUG 「警戒: Don’t Come Outside」Aquiles Hadjis
2021 FEB 「MINERAL」Shiho Morisugi, Photo Shooting for a young local children’s fashion label
2021 MAR「MINERAL」Shiho Morisugi, Photo Shooting for a young local children’s fashion label
2021 MAY 「On life and intimacy」 Guillem Ayora
2021 AUG 「Obaachan no kami」Chloe Paré & Theodor Maier
2021 OCT 「Art Sale」Ousmane Bâ
2021 OCT 「Halloween Party」Kizuna
2022 MAR「 人間の家はソフトなまち」Asami Togawa
2022 JUN「 Soybean planting」Neighbourhood Event
2022 JUL「 TANABATA」Studio GROSS with Ebony Bižys


Models Talk: CCA c/o Tokyo video series

Models Talk is a new three-part video series that the CCA produced together with architectural curator and editor Kayoko Ota (Tokyo) and Studio GROSS (Tokyo and Berlin), as part of our CCA c/o Tokyo program.

Socially engaged approaches in architecture, including participatory design, reprogramming, and minimum intervention, are increasingly common—but can often yield predictable results. This series of videos focuses instead on works that challenge convention in order to address current urban issues, and uses the particularities of film as a format to convey the ideas defining these works. In each video one architect leads the viewer through a model that acts as a guide by way of the problems, concepts, and inventive propositions that underlie the work. 

Motivated by the desire to illustrate architectural concepts and make them more easily accessible, Models Talk gives a platform to three architects working through contemporary challenges to express their proposals.

In Recipe for Mixed Rice (10 minutes), the viewer is dropped first with Kumiko Inui on a train through Nobeoka, then through her approach to designing for its train station: an inclusive workshop that asks how space can be “freed up, not filled.” Kazuko Akamatsu reveals a similarly generous exercise in urban redevelopment in A Matter of Void (9 minutes). “Because [Shibuya is] such a dynamic place, I thought it would be more appropriate to create an environment where people can feel they’re in the middle of this constantly moving city.” Erika Nakagawa, then, conceives of any new project as “an addition to its surrounding environment” in A Neighbourhood in A House (13 minutes). The series reveals a shared empathy in how these contemporary practitioners approach design questions and the role of documentary film as an intimate vehicle behind-the-scenes of these processes.

All 3 Films here on Dezeen